This is a Woman's World

Let this be an anthem for the revolution.


Hello world.  I’m starting up this blog for a simple reason: to help spark the revolution that has begun.  Throughout history, positions of power have been held by men and women were thought of as “second class.”  But things are changing.  Women have taken advantage of new freedoms and advanced in areas of science, business and politics.  The world is learning that women can do what men do, and may be even better than men.  The myth of male superiority appears to be crashing down.

I like to think of male/female relations in an analogy of driving a car.  In history, the male has been in control and driving the car, with the female in the backseat.  But, as respect for women grew, she moved to the passenger seat of the car.  Then, with revolutions of the 20′s and 60′s she gained the right to drive the car on occasion, but only just for a few miles.  Women should take advantage of this.  When handed the keys, the woman should refuse to give up the keys, lock the man in the backseat, and drive.  Forever.

Recent years have showed us that women are just about better than men at everything.  So, why not let women have the power?  As Beyonce said in her Billboard performance, “Men have been given their chance.”  It’s time for women to rule the world.  I’m not saying men are useless.  No.  They are VERY good at things.  We’re just better.  It’s just time for women.  With the growing number of women with college degrees it only makes sense that they will continue to makes strides in society.  But, with the right steps taken, they can replace men as the “dominant” sex and be what men have been throughout history…but we’ll do it all in heels.

In this blog, I will present one step every week that women should take in order to gain complete control of the world.  I’m talking absolute.  Political leaders will be female.  Leaders of business and society will be female.  Matriarchy will be the order of families.  And it will be forever.  So stay tuned!